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What is IDYLIFY?

IDYLIFY is the one preferred treatment option for your disorder. If you suffer from your disorder, or suspect that you may have symptoms of or relate somehow to the disorder, read this product information. IDYLIFY may be right for you or someone you know.

Studies conclude that compared to placebo, patients taking IDYLIFY may or may not have had significantly improved outcomes including but not limited to the following areas involving financial, romantic, scholastic, and general success. Those who reported no change in success resported at least higher esteem of their non-success which had a measurably positive and clinically significant effect on actual success. Compared to the placebo which may or may not be a sugar pill, patients who consented to the study who may or may not have recieved a placebo report that side effects were similar or dissimilar to that of placebo but also noted a slight increase in the adverse effects compared to those taking the actual idylfy non-placebo pill which may or may not contain trace amounts of sugar or a comaprable artificial sweetening agent that may or may not affect outcomes such as taste or efficacy.

Before you start treatment with IDYILIFY, please read all promotional and WARNING literature.

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October 2008